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L'azienda oggi.


From a small artisan workshop over time it has transformed into a solid and structured company.

Today it distributes its products throughout the territory. To the third generation of entrepreneurs, the Salumificio transfers the production unit to Marmirolo in a former factory of 3,000 square meters, renovated according to EU directives.

To guarantee constantly high standards of its products, Salumificio Merlotti uses the best ingredients, subjected to strict quality controls. The peasant civilization and the culinary tradition hand down tastes and atmospheres that are found and rediscovered in the cured meats produced by the Mantuan company.

75 years of activity are an extraordinary goal made up of many sacrifices and also of many satisfactions, but above all of life stories, which have intertwined for 3 generations and with tenacity and spirit of initiative have built a solid reality in the area, synonymous with quality and seriousness.

The products we are most proud of are spicy sausage, Mantuan salami and what we call "Pistume" in dialect.

Our spicy sausage could also be defined as a "spicy strologhino" and is produced exclusively with national meat,   the same cut from which the "culatello" is made (we don't lack quality in the series!) and it is seasoned with medium-fine grinding, flavored with mixtures of typical Mediterranean herbs and spices, paprika, pepper, chilli pepper and lightly smoked for an appetizing and decisive taste.

Lastly, the "pistume", as required by the De.CO production regulations of Riso alla Pilota di Castel d'Ario, is obtained solely and exclusively from the processing of Italian pork meat, fresh not frozen, carefully cleaned with a knife. Taking a cue from the typical dough for the production of Mantuan salami, using precisely noble cuts worked and cleaned with care. During cooking it does not remain red, as the production regulations exclude the addition of nitrates and nitrites, as tradition dictates.

Our Mantuan salami is produced in compliance with the regulations established by the Mantuan Salami Consortium, which protects its absolutely unique characteristics closely linked to the territory.

The basic ingredient remains only pork enriched with natural garlic, peeled and dispersed in red wine; finally the salami is bound with a work of craftsmanship represented by the binding by hand.

Mdd, a strong point

Among the strengths of Salumificio Merlotti are the constancy of production and the quality of the products: characteristics which, over time, have rewarded the company with as many as 25 private label customers. There are many companies that rely on Merlotti: from December 2020 the company decided to create an export department which immediately paid off: the foreign turnover went from 4% in 2019 and 2020 to 16% in 2021. The Last year we exported to France, Germany, Austria, England, Malta, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark and Sweden.

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