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Our history

The Salumificio Merlotti began its activity immediately after the war as a small artisan shop in Castel d'Ario (Mantova), the town that gave birth to the legendary racing driver Tazio Nuvolari.

Mantua, which inspired Virgil and became immortal through his works, strengthened by a great culture that has its roots in a generous and rich land, can be considered the first and most important ingredient of our products.
The sausage products are in fact an integral part of the culinary tradition of the Po valley and mainly of Mantua, and above all salami:typical range of Mantuan Renaissance, there are archive notes that report the shipment of salami:
 “from the most beautiful and large there were” in Rome to Isabella d'Este, the Marquis wife of Francesco II, underlining the concern to protect them so as not to let them arrive “fasti and splashes (crushed)”.

It was Nonno Angelo who bagged the first salami 
family mantuan into 


The art of delicatessen is a craft that we have been handing down for three generations, a responsibility that we honor as custodians of an all-Italian art that makes us proud around the world.


The Merlotti brothers, Alberto and Stefano, carry on the family history without forgetting their origins and the Mantuan traditions of salami.

ALBERTO: “Merlotti cured meats are the ideas, the hands, the time and the heart of those who believe  in the goodness of every single gesture, that goodness that we try to bring to your table every day”.

STEFANO: "Representing others is more demanding than representing yourself: when I succeed, with a smile, I go for a walk through the maturing rooms".

Traditional specialties:

The peasant civilization and the culinary tradition hand down tastes and atmospheres that are found and rediscovered in our cured meats.
A stone's throw from the Mincio Park, immersed in an area characterized for many months of the year by a humid and foggy climate, the farmed meats have that extra something that makes them unique and allow us to create sausages capable of making everyone love them. market segment.

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