>Salami, Crespone Mantua-style
>Salami, Gentile Mantua-style
>Salami, country-style
>Salami, Milan-style
>Salami, Naples-style, less salty
>Salami, Hungarian-style
>Salami Ventricina
>Sausage, Naples-style, spicy
>Sausage, seasoned
>Rolled bacon without rind
>Spianata, less salty
>Spianata, spicy

Mantua – the town that inspired Virgil and was immortalized in his verses – thanks to a long-lasting tradition that is deeply rooted in this flourishing land can be considered as the major and most important ingredient of our products.

Rural life and cooking tradition have transmitted special tastes and atmospheres that can be found and rediscovered in our cured meats. The top-quality pork meat from our territory – close to the MincioRiverPark and immersed in a mainly humid and foggy environment – enables us to produce unique cured meats highly appreciated by any market segment.


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