Salami, "Gentile" Mantua-style  
>Salami, Crespone Mantua-style
>Salami, Gentile Mantua-style
>Salami, country-style
>Salami, Milan-style
>Salami, Naples-style, less salty
>Salami, Hungarian-style
>Salami Ventricina
>Sausage, Naples-style, spicy
>Sausage, seasoned
>Rolled bacon without rind
>Spianata, less salty
>Spianata, spicy
  The taste of top-quality carefully seasoned heavy pig meats, flavoured with wine and garlic, manually stuffed and tied-up in natural pig guts. One of the most appreciated Mantuan products, produced according to traditional rural techniques.

Average diameter: approx. 6 to 10 cm


Weight: 1 to 1.800 kg after 90-day seasoning for "gentile" (rectum) pork guts

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